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Lizards on Ice

Sally O’Brien

This month’s shout out to creative La Trobe University students is local Melbourne band, Lizards on Ice. An indie rock band, Lizards on Ice includes the talented vocalist Tom Carroll with La Trobe University students James Carroll playing guitar, Christy Snelleman on bass, and Cameron DeMan on drums.

Lizards on Ice have recently finished recording their debut EP following their single, Tombstone, which was played on Triple M. They have filmed the accompanying music clip to Liquid Therapy, which is in its final stages of production.

The recording process did have its repetitive moments with the band choosing to record live. When discussing their EP, Tom said, “We have done 150 fucking takes,” “-in the last three days!” Cameron adds.

Winning Melbourne Fresh Battle of the Bands at Revolver allowed the band to develop a relationship with the award-winning producer Matt D’Arcy. They successfully funded $2000 through crowd-funding using Pozible in 2014 which has allowed them to record their debut EP at Basin Studios.

“It’s going to be a really interesting blend of styles. We’re trying to mix some electric stuff with a more garage rock lo-fi,” James said.

The EP will include six of the band’s songs including Neon Haze, We Don’t Talk ‘Til After Midnight, What We’re Missing, Lover Come Home, Liquid Therapy and Maybe We Shouldn’t.

Lizards on Ice have performed at venues such as The Corner Hotel and first released their single at The Catfish in North Fitzroy. They have promised their fans many more exciting shows for this year.

With a small following on facebook, these La Trobe students are definitely a band to check out!

Sally O’Brien is a third year Bachelor of arts student at La Trobe University majoring in journalism and history. Tweet her @SallyOBrien42