Tom Wade

I read Cecilia DiStefano’s article on how to deal with Centrelink. It was a heart-rending story I could empathise with, but my story goes a little differently.
You could try Cecillia’s method; the countless back and forth, the hours spent on hold, people unwilling to break procedure to fix a simple problem, or you can be entrepreneurial about it.

Centrelink fucks you, fuck them back twice as hard.

I had my Youth Allowance suspended in October last year. The suspension of my account was frustrating, but that’s not what made me go fucking postal on Centrelink.

It was the customer service I received when fixing my problem.

So Centrelink fucks up and you have to fix it, sound familiar?

Turns out Centrelink thought I wasn’t going to university anymore.

That’s fair enough, except I was. And I had been in to Centrelink a month prior to notify them of my transfer between universities.

I called them up. They told me a small team that assessed university attendance were the only people with the power to reinstate my account. The ‘Academic Reassessment Team.’ Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them before, no one has. They don’t even have a website.

By the way, if you ever need to call them, jump the queue and call them here: 1800 013 081

After spending 45 minutes on hold, I was forwarded to their answering machine. You can imagine my frustration. I thought a vein in my forehead was going to rupture.

I called this Academic Reassessment Team a few more times, leaving voicemails of increasing aggression. After the third phone call, I finally got to speak to a real person and had my Youth Allowance reinstated.

They had all the information about my transfer between universities. No one bothered to check my details before suspending my account.

I wanted to make a complaint about how things were handled. This Academic Reassessment Team didn’t even have call holding. So I call the feedback line, which was another 15 minutes on hold. I told them how dissatisfied I was with my experience, but it didn’t feel like enough.

Would anyone act on my complaint? Would anything change? Would anyone care? I wanted people with influence to know I wasn’t happy, and I wanted results.

I wanted a fucking resignation in blood.

You need names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

I had to do their job for them, so I invoiced them for my time. It took me two hours to fix this problem with Centrelink, so I wanted reimbursement. I’m a hardworking copywriter, anything less than $100 an hour is an insult for a pain in the arse job like this.

The Department of Human Services website is a slippery one. There’s no email address or phone number to contact. The best I could find was a request form for them to contact you.

So I did some resourceful googling, and came across the fucking holy grail of complaint departments: The Government Directory. This website lists everyone who works in government or for a government department.

I wanted my complaint sent to the big dogs. Conveniently enough for me then, the directory has a page of everyone at the executive level at the Department of Human Services.

I used the organization structure in the corporate section of the Department of Human Services website to find the names of everyone I wanted to send my invoice to.

With the organizational structure I found names and titles, and used the directory to find their phone numbers and email addresses.

I sent my $200 invoice to over 50 people, from the Secretary of the Department of Human Services to the Head of Human Relations (HR).

Use evidence (dirt) to support your argument (throw in their faces).

I sent out my email to everyone at the department. This felt good. Holding them accountable felt even better.

In my hunt for contact details I came across some papers published on the Department of Human Services. Namely, the Ombudsman’s report: Investigation into Service Delivery Complaints about Centrelink, written by Ombudsman Colin Neave.

Even The Ombudsman’s report stated that call wait times were unsatisfactory. It was written in April last year, I had this debacle with Centrelink in October.

I also used the Department of Human Services 2013-14 Annual Report. In case you’re unfamiliar with annual reports; they are legal documents, so everything inside must be true and is legally binding. On page 14 it states call wait times should be less than 14 minutes and 26 seconds. So I wanted to know why I had to wait for over 45 minutes and 15 minutes respectively.

(Another interesting fact: Face-to-face wait times are meant to be less than 16 minutes and 48 seconds. So watch the clock next time you go in.)

I made sure to have this information handy when I decided to follow up my email with some phone calls.

Follow up, rigorously.

If there’s one reason to take your complaints straight to the department, it’s to skip the wait times.

Sometimes I got assistants, sometimes I got the people themselves. But I never got a fucking robot or elevator music.

You should feel sorry for Brendan Jacomb, in charge of Service Delivery Performance and Analysis. He bore the full brunt of my tirade on annual report figures and Ombudsman’s reports.

I put him on the spot asking why my wait times were so out of line with what’s stipulated in the annual report, and why nothing had been done since the Ombudsman’s report. He said he’d have to get back to me.

I made some more phone calls to the head of HR and the Secretary herself. I even sent my resume to the woman in charge of recruitment. I’d love to work at a place with such sloppy standards.

But did anything change? Well, I’m happy to say I got some tangible results.

Call them enough, and they’ll call you.

I didn’t get the resignation written in blood I was hoping for, but I did get my problem resolved.

It must have been opposite day at the department, because someone actually called me. A nice chap said they were going to use their ‘legislative leverage’ to get to the heart of my problem.

As it turns out, I hadn’t paid my Student Service and Amenities Fee. That’s a pretty fucked up reason to suspend someone’s Youth Allowance, but I’m chasing that up through La Trobe University now.

Did I get my $200? Nah, that was just to make a point. I could have pursued it, but I’d had my fun.

And the issue with the call wait times? I received a letter from the department a couple of weeks later.

Centrelink now has a call back feature. You now have the option to be placed in a call back queue during peak times, so you don’t have to be physically on hold while you wait. It doesn’t make call wait times any shorter, but it makes them less annoying.

Give this a go next time you need to deal with Centrelink or Medicare. Heck, that directory has every government department in there. If something involves the government, there will be someone you can contact in there.

I hated dealing with Centrelink when I had a problem. Now I know how to contact a whole department that’s happy to help.

Tom Wade is a brilliant young man with a fantastic beard. Check out La Trobe University’s Beard Appreciation Society. 


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  • PJ

    1) it was you me error, sure things could have been resolved more quickly but why should anyone else pay for your stuff up

    2) you are on Youth Allowance, I presume society is paying you to study, your time is not worth $100/hr

    3) you have reported the achieved response time and claimed them as “meant to be less than” targets are provided but you are apparently not intelligent enough to tell the difference. Also targets are average, there’s no free pizza because yours went slightly over.

    4) you are the recipient of tax payers money, at least the people at Centerlink are working for theirs. Quit your bitching


    As an retired Centrelink worker with 30 years experience, (working in a local office in my community for the whole time & dealing facee to face ) I sympathise with you. I too have waited not less than 90 mins on the phone on the occasions I have had to call Centrelink for an FTB query & to sort out my sons Youth Allowance ..he was at Uni like you. Whilst I think your idea has merit, you REALLY need to think about WHY the service is so crappy. could it be that in the last 3 years that the 4,000 staff that have taken packages could be part of the reason…And that they are MORE than happy if the oldest, most experienced go as we are the staff that know more, . but also give the management the most grief as we KNOW what it was like 5 years ago before the rot set in? Before I retired the average wait time at the callcentres was 30 mins…now its treble. So who is to blame…well perhaps the Abbott govt. The LNP HATES the public service, & will do all it can to dismantle it…hence the 4,00 jobs gone. The Govt allocates the APS funding in the Budget & it there is NOT enough money to pay the staff they have on desk…, then staff have to go. Also on top of that the Govt have called ALL on Centrelink payments ‘leaners’ & unfortunately, many in Management take that as a signal to treat those in receipt of payments with as much contempt as the Govt. Lastly, as bad as Centrelink are… the GOVT has ALREADY taken steps to try & privatise BITS of Centrelink……the delivery of payments is being tendered, & they are trying to hive off part of the callcentre work to Telstra, who as we know, off shore many jobs. SO before you get TOO upset about the quality of service….just think about if the payment system & some of the call centres were owned by big multi nationals & off shored overseas… This is what WILL happen if the Abbott Govt stay in power after the 2016 election. Happy to provide links to verify info!

  • Jason Bryce

    You made a mistake – didn’t pay your fees – then blamed Centrelink. You abused staff because govt funding cuts mean they are overworked and there are long wait times.
    You need to get that directory out and write a polite letter of apology to everyone you bullied.

  • sarah

    THANK YOU! From myself and every other person who has ever had to deal with these time wasting bureaucrats. I wish they would shove their red tape up their arse.

  • Jay

    Are you fucking high? I don’t think you read the same article.

  • centrelink ?

    i remember once i got this mad staff lady who solved all my issues in one appointment.. never got to see her again and even asked for her. pay ended up getting cut off couple weeks later and i couldnt find this lady and i gave up and went crawling back home to my mum begging not to be homeless. after managing to survive off $287 a fortnight for 3 months. i lived alone and didnt have much bills to pay other than rent. reason of pay cut off, they needed tax returns from my father who i hadnt seen for about a year and wasnt even too sure where he was living, but he allowed me to stay at his house while he was away. a majority of my money went to public transport and when a pay gets cut off its dry weetbix for 2 weeks.. i honestly felt bad for all the poor starving kids in the world which helped me get through it because there’s always worse out there. centrelink need to be forced to do their job it seems, leave things to them and they’ll slip up and you’ll pay for it. i was young and dumb and didnt know how things worked in centrelink and they took full advantage of that to pretty much just get rid of me. i was doing everything centrelink was asking of me, attending my course and doing my remaining hours working on resume and study. oh yeah fuck those 1-2 hour wait times when you go in just to get a quick 5min fuck around or to just hand in paperwork?? which somehow can even lead to a fuck around! centrelink right??

  • Rogespeed

    Hi , very informative thanks , just in passing i suggest next during long wait times you can amuse yourself by viewing forgotten ABC series re : public service : Damnation of Harvey McHugh
    from him who is centrelink suspended yet getting dole money but not dsp rates :- ( huh ?



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