/Welcome to Melbourne

Welcome to Melbourne


Congratulations to all the new students that received offers to study at La Trobe and welcome back to all the old students. La Trobe has a lot to offer, from cultural experiences to clubs and societies where you will make life long friends. If you are new and are nervous because you don’t know anyone, don’t stress too much because they will be plenty of time to meet new people and bond over what you have in common. 

If you are new to Melbourne then grab a friend and head on down into our beautiful city and explore. You will find that Melbourne has great street culture, from buskers to street artists and skaters. You are guaranteed to fall in love with this magical city. There are trams and buses that will take you from the university to the heart of the CBD. If you’re heading to the city, hop on the 86 tram, 250 or 350 bus. Melbourne has a very reliable public transport system (well… almost very reliable).

If you love cafe’s then you have come to the right city and the right University because La Trobe has great coffee shops. Moreover, the city of Melbourne is well known for its coffee shops. You will find a cafes on almost every corner of Melbourne and if you are an extrovert then you are probably beaming with excitement right now.

Now, just an FYI, if you are meeting up with a friend in the city and you both don’t know your way around the city then let me introduce you to the meet-up spot. You can never go wrong if you meet up in front of H&M on Bourke St. It’s central and you can use the stairs in front of the iconic store to scan the area for your friend. Further, you find the best buskers and street performers in Melbourne just outside H&M.

By Hanniel E. Maf