/Chasing Kat

Chasing Kat

“You can’t win… Not against me.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Kat had been on the run for six weeks and I finally had her right where I wanted her. This was my time to prove to the force that I was capable of getting the job done. I was going to arrest her and return all the ancient artefacts that she had stolen from Museums across the States. Tonight she was reported for having stolen the ‘Benin bronze mask from West Africa’ that was on exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History.

Three nights ago, the New York City Police Department had requested someone from the Detective Bureau to meet up with me and assist me with my seemingly, chronic chase. The Detective that was hired, figured Kat would return to New York this week and her next move would be on the Natural History Museum. So far, the Detective hasn’t let anyone down. I, on the other hand, was tiring the NYPD with my constant failure in capturing Kat. But not tonight. Things were going to go according to what I had envisioned.

That was until I had let my guard down again, thinking that the taser had temporarily paralysed Kat while I radioed the police station for backup. It seems that my taser had its two probes strike too close together which in turn, led to a short circuit, not allowing enough current to pass through Kat.

As she stood up and began to make her escape, I tackled her to the ground and sat on top of her, then quickly reached for the handcuffs in my back pocket. Kat sensed that I had only one hand on her back and took this opportunity to push me off. She had me pinned to the ground, facing her.  She slowly leaned in towards my face, “I told you. You can’t win.”

I hate it when she does that.

I could hear the police sirens coming from outside the building. I had underestimated Kat’s physical strength. Again. She had managed to forcefully cuff me with the cuffs I intended to use on her. Looking at my name tag, as she usually does before walking away, she said, “I hope to see you again, Miss Maddison.”

I watched helplessly as she disappeared through the back door.

She got away. Again.

Maybe this night wasn’t my time to get a feel for the success I had hoped for.

Back at the police station, as I sat at my desk trying to lay as low as possible, the other officers mocked me in their best attempts of high pitched female voices.

“Can you guys believe that I got cuffed by the criminal I was after?”

“Oh help me I’m incredibly useless at my job.”

“Everyone tried to tell me that I wasn’t fit for the police life, but did I listen?”

“Maybe I do belong in the kitchen.”

I ignored the immaturity that my male co-workers couldn’t contain, but I didn’t have to for very long. The Chief was standing at the door, looking through the glass. It was not a happy look. I kept my head down in my paper work trying my best to avoid eye contact. Everyone knows when the Chief is in a bad mood. You can’t look at him, talk to him, or make any noise around him. When the room fell silent again, he shook his head in disappointment and walked back into his office.

As I was driving home for the night, I intercepted a radio call from the police scanner that I had previously installed into my own car. The call asked for a unit to go check out a robbery at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

Another museum, it must be Kat.

I took the fastest route from New York City to Bronx. It took me a good 28 minutes, thanks to the lack of traffic at this time of night. I wasn’t 100% sure that it was Kat, but nonetheless, it was a robbery and as a police officer, it is my duty to represent the law and serve justice. I wanted to do it right this time and hopefully redeem myself.

As I approached the entrance, the door was unlocked. I stepped inside the pitch black building and took out my flashlight. The walls where paintings used to hang, now contained empty frames. I wasn’t really sure how I would handle Kat this time round.

What if she ended up escaping from me again?

I tried thinking of what I could do differently from my previous encounter with Kat. But before I could come up with anything, I was grabbed from behind and had something sprayed into my face. 

You can’t win.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself tied to a chair and my mouth gagged. I looked around. It was a terribly lit room, clustered with wooden crates, and smelt of rotten egg mixed with tuna. There was no sign of any empty frames.

This is not the Museum of Arts.

A deep male voice could be heard coming from behind the back wall. Then another. They seemed to be arguing with each other but I couldn’t make sense of it. Once they were done bickering, the back door creaked open and they walked in. The lights were flicked on and I had to squint for a moment, allowing my eyes to adjust to the change. I looked up at them as they stood in front of me.

“What do you think we should do with her?”

“The question is, why the hell did you bring a cop down here?”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t sure what to do. I panicked.”

“Well, I know what we shouldn’t do. And that’s to let the boss know we captured a cop.”

“Yeah, he’ll definitely kill us if he finds out.”

“I think– “

“– that you two boys should hand her over to me.”

I knew that voice.

Kat walked in from the back door towards the two men. She stood in between them and put one arm over each of their shoulders.  

“This one’s mine, do you hear me? She tried arresting me last night.”

Last night? I’ve been unconscious since last night?! I wonder if another unit went to check out the robbery, or if anyone at the police station has bothered to ask about my absence at work. Probably not.

“Alright. You can have her. As long as you don’t say anything to our boss.”

“Don’t worry. When I stopped working for him, I cut him off completely.”

So Kat doesn’t work with these people. Then why was she here? And how did she know that I was here? More importantly, what is she planning to do with me now?

Kat had one of the men carry me to her car. She opened the passenger door and told him to place me in there. Once I was seated inside, she shut the door and told the guy to get back inside the building before anyone sees them. Kat reversed out of the garage and onto the street. After placing a safe amount of distance from where we came out of, she parked the car on the side and turned to face me. She leant over and opened the glove compartment in front of me.

A knife! She had a knife in there. Oh God, this is the end. Was she going to stab me and watch while I bled to death, or throw my body out on the side of the road?! This is definitely not how I wanted to die.  

I was hoping that she would shoot me instead, so I wouldn’t have to suffer as much.  

“Listen Maddison. I stopped working for crime lords a long time ago. I’ve only been robing museums lately because I have to. I don’t expect you to understand but right now, you owe me.”

She ungagged me and used the knife to cut me loose. I didn’t know what to say to her. We shared a few minutes of silence before she decided, “I’m going to drive you home now.”

It was a long drive back to New York City. I only realised that those men took me to another city after Kat drove us past a sign saying, ‘Welcome to the city of Bronx. Westchester County is sorry to see you go.’  

Since Kat and I were going to spend an hour’s worth of driving time together, I figured that it may come as an advantage to get to know her on a more personal level than just as a thief.

“So Kat… you do realise that I’ve been after you for six weeks and yet, every encounter we have leaves me with more questions about who you are as a person. Why do you do what you do? Is there anything that you need help with but you’re afraid that the justice system won’t allow it, due to your reputation? I like to think we’ve known each other enough to be a little open minded. You can talk to me Kat.”

“Okay look, I do what I do because I’ll be framed if I don’t anyway. There’s no way out of it. I served my time in prison five years ago for all the crimes I did back then. You already know that I’ve been clean ever since.”

“What changed? Who’s making you commit crimes now?”

“His name’s Dimitri. Dimitri Vesdomir.”

I know that name! Oh my god! That’s the Detective that was hired from the Bureau to help me in finding Kat’s location. Out of all the detectives that have been looking for Kat, he was the only one who knew that she would come back to New York without providing solid evidence. It makes sense now.

“Why is he making you do this? What does he want?”

“I don’t know what he wants but he has threatened to put the blame on me if I don’t do as I’m told. He knows everything about me. He knows all the people I used to work for. He’s even got copies of my fingerprints on gloves that he uses to steal things himself.”

That would explain last week’s mystery of how Kat was reported to have stolen two artefacts in one night from two different states.    

“Why didn’t you report this?”

“Like the police would listen.”

“I’m listening, aren’t I?”

“You’re only listening now that you’re stuck with me. And ask yourself this, if the officers you work with, don’t even respect you as a co-worker because you’re a female, what makes you think they’re going to hear ME out?”

I can’t argue with that.

“Hang on, how would you know that I’m disrespected at work?”

I looked over at Kat. She didn’t respond.

We finally reached the front of my house. She knows where I live?

Kat turned in her seat, grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes.

“You can do it.”

I spent the rest of the day cracking down the case of Dimitri. I did some serious research and discovered that this guy is a fraud and a disgrace to the Detective Bureau. He cheated his way into becoming a detective and lied about who he really is. He’s name isn’t even Dimitri. That’s the identity that he stole from a guy he murdered in the past, who was actually a detective. The photo of the original Dimitri looks a lot like the fake Dimitri now. That must be how he was able to avoid any suspicion. The original Dimitri was the best of the best. That explains why the fake Dimitri is treated like a king.  

I headed over to the Police Department and explained my findings to the one and only person who took me seriously there.  The Chief initially agreed to hire me because he saw the potential. Now I was receiving an award for solving this case. My co-workers were trying their best to hide the shock on their faces. Due to her cooperation with me, Kat had her charges dropped, and fake Dimitri was behind bars.  

When I got home, I was jumped from behind and taken to the ground. Kat was on top of me. Before placing her lips on mine, she moved my hair out the way and slowly leaned in towards my face, “I told you, you can do it.”

I liked it when she did that.

By Ri