/Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on the edge

Philosophised and scratched his head,

What came first the egg or the chicken?…

He saw his mother in the henhouse, pickin’.

He thought the answer to the question, concrete.

Then from within his shell he heard, cheep cheep!

He felt his shell begin to crack.

Little feet kicked through his back.

Quietly he listened to hear the same,

Little cheep cheep sound again.

Something was changing within his shell.

What he thought he knew so well

Suddenly made no sense at all

To the confused egg sitting on the wall.

All he thought was clearly not.

Was Humpty Dumpty losing the plot?

Humpty shook and Humpty shivered.

With every crack, Humpty quivered,

Until he was in shards at the bottom of the wall,

Completely shaken by the fall.

Then when he pulled himself together,

Humpty was no egg but a ball of feathers.

By Sheree Pratt