Student Wellbeing services at La Trobe University provide a range of supports and programs to promote inclusion, diversity and wellbeing. While many students might be aware that we have free counselling and disability support at La Trobe, they might not be aware of some of our other programs, such as our LGBTIQ supports, our support program for students with a refugee background or our new SPEAK UP service.

The Counselling Service
The Counselling Service provide free and confidential short-term counselling for La Trobe University students. We also have specialist counsellors such as our Indigenous Counsellor, our Queer Counsellor and CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault) staff available one afternoon a week, beginning in May. Check out the Counselling website to find out how to make an appointment and to learn more about our free group sessions and workshops around study-related skills, health and wellbeing at each campus.

Queer Supports
The La Trobe University Counselling Service is actively queer-friendly! We have a dedicated Queer Counsellor at our free, confidential counselling service. We also organise the Pride Festival (usually week 4 of semester 1) and celebrations of awareness days at Bundoora to increase visibility and safety for our students of diverse sexuality and gender. We run a Queer Chat group, co-facilitated by the Queer Counsellor and Queer Peer students, which is a safe space to meet other likeminded students and chat about all things queer over lunch every week. It’s light and fun but there is also space to share hard times with people who understand, or you can just listen. Queer Chat celebrates all genders and sexualities (including bisexual, pansexual, fluid, asexual, questioning, transgender, non-binary and intersex students). If you’re questioning, coming out, or you’re out and want to connect with other people dealing with similar experiences, come and join us! You can contact the Bundoora Campus Queer Counsellor on 9479 2956, or by email at
Student Wellbeing also run ALLY training for staff and students to help the La Trobe community better understand the lived experience of LGBTIQ staff and students and create more inclusive campuses. For further information see

Disability and Equity Supports
If you are a student with a disability, mental health issue or ongoing medical condition or if you care for a person with a disability, Disability Advisers can help you meet the requirements of your course. They can look at what is happening as a result of your condition and recommend adjustments to assessment and academic requirements as well as advice on managing university study. If you have a condition and are concerned about your study, working in groups, going on placement or work experience or just don’t know what is available, make an appointment to meet a Disability Advisor or go to our website for more information.
In addition to supporting students with a disability, Student Wellbeing also offer a range of bursaries which aim to support students from particular Equity Groups, such as the Care Leaver bursaries (for students who have spent time in foster, kinship or formal out-of-home care) Equipment Bursaries for low SES students experiencing disadvantage and Travel Bursaries. We also have a support program for students from a refugee background which provides some financial support and a contact officer on each campus (information available at See our low-income webpage for more details on our bursaries

Speak Up
This is a new service designed to assist students with unacceptable or difficult behaviour. We’ve designed the Speak Up service to help you get support for yourself and others in relation to intimidation, harassment, discrimination, all forms of violence (including sexual and physical assault), and other forms of unacceptable behaviour. You can also use the service to flag welfare concerns, including behaviour that is negatively impacting an individual or group, mental health concerns or any other concerns related to behaviour or wellbeing. So Speak Up and get advice and support from our experienced and supportive staff. Information available at

Respect at La Trobe University
Respect a La Trobe is about promoting and embedding a culture where everybody respects each other and their differences even if this can be challenging at times. Promoting respectful relationships, addressing and preventing unacceptable behaviour is a priority. We want to create an engaging university experience, where everyone can get involved and participate as fully as possible. To achieve this, we need to provide a University environment where everyone feels safe, supported and encouraged to actively participate in and contribute to our community. We all have a role to play in contributing to this environment and we want students and staff to role model respectful behaviours and to challenge or report behaviours, which are unacceptable in a respectful manner.

If you would like to learn more about the programs and supports run through Student Wellbeing, check out our webpage at

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