/Eat. Sleep. Review – Sijori

Eat. Sleep. Review – Sijori

If you haven’t yet heard of Sijori, it’s a cute Malay restaurant located in Polaris which is a 10 minute walk from La Trobe or a 2 minute drive if you’re willing to sacrifice your carpark.


What I love about Sijori is that each week there are different specials, this means that every time you go back, there’s something different.

On my last visit I ordered the Chicken Special which was a combination of chicken and prawns in a sweet and spicy sauce accompanied with rice. I also tried both the fish and chicken curries with a side of Roti, a Laksa and some of their ‘Homemade Special’ drinks.

The food was delicious, the flavours really pack a punch and the service is incredibly friendly and prompt. I’ve been back a couple of times since my first visit and each time I’ve left as full and satisfied as the last.

If you get the chance to give Sijori a visit, let us know what you think!

Customer Service:  3/5 burgers

Quality: 4/5 burgers

Price : $$

Distance: 750m from La Trobe

Visit Sijori at 40 Copernicus Crescent Summit 22 @ Polaris, Bundoora.

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