A great mentor of mine once wrote an article about how to be a ‘functioning alcoholic’ a few years ago, and I thought it was time for a revamp. As most people know, drinking is a big part of the University culture. We as students really want to have fun and get wild, but also don’t want to end up in an angry post on StalkerSpace, so here are a few tips on how to have fun, but also stay safe on your night out;

  1. Mixing is an art: One big mistake I have made with drinking countless times is mixing. Every time I think to myself that “this time will be different” and that “I am a MASTER of alcohol”, or that “I can totally handle my drinks”, I always end up dying in a McDonald’s toilet somewhere. It doesn’t matter how good or experienced you are, just be careful when mixing your drinks. My advice would be to pick a drink that you would be happy to have for the entire night, and just stick to it.
  2. Get a group together: My favourite thing about drinking is the social aspect, so it’s always important that you find the right people for your drinking group. You want people who have similar tastes to you so you can save money on slabs and not on 10-packs, but you also want people who you feel safe drinking with because it can be really scary getting drunk with randoms you don’t know. It’s crucial that you find some nice and respectful uni drinking pals because there will be lots of chances to make new friends, and to create some awesome memories that you’ll cherish down the line.
  3. h2O is your best mate: In the 2016 version of this article, my good mate talked about how crucial water can be to a fun night out, and nothing about this has changed. Water is absolutely necessary to a good night out. You don’t need to be drinking it constantly throughout the night, but at least try and have one or two cups every hour or so, just to make sure you’re staying hydrated and settled. There is no reason why if you’re feeling a tad too far gone that you shouldn’t go grab a nice cool glass of ice water to just let yourself sober up a little. The golden rule, which I always stand by, is to just chuck a big bottle of water in the fridge before you go out, and when you get home, you’ll always have a nice refreshing drink to cool down after a fun night out.
  4. Keep track of your keys, phone and mates: I’m gonna admit. I’m an avid loser of things. Every time I go clubbing, I always find myself losing my phone, wallet or keys, and it’s something I’ve trained myself to fix. Before I leave anywhere, I’ll always run through my checklist; phone, wallet, keys, and anything else I brought out; coz you don’t wanna be the bloke who misplaces his stuff, and ruins a what could’ve been a fun night out. And of course, this extends to your mates. Make sure you’ve always got one eye on your group, and ensure that they’re all having a fun time. If one of your mates is getting a tad too drunk? Get him a soft drink or a glass of water. See one of your mates feeling done for the night? Offer to leave the club with him or even better take him to Maccas, buy yourselves a feast, and then head home. If you stick together and always stay aware, then you’ll all be safe and still be having a fun time.

That’s all there is to it folks. Uni is a lot of fun, and even if you don’t want to drink, you can still have fun. As long as you’re out with your mates and enjoying yourselves, that’s all that really matters.

Good luck and don’t black out.

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