The Daily Grind: Campus Brekkie Guide

You’ve just got off the bus to uni. It’s 8am, and you’ve got your first lecture in 15 minutes. Looking around the Agora, you try and make the hardest decision of your day; “where the hell am I gonna get my coffee?” To solve this incredible problem that you face on a daily basis, the Rabelais team has tried every brekkie spot on campus, and has a decisive guide for you coffee lovers.


Looking to spend as little money as possible, but still have a great start to your day? At this little shop, you can grab two donuts and a regular coffee for the small price of $3.50, which can be a great start to any students day. Grab a pie, sausage roll, bagel or any other baked good, and when combined with a coffee, you’re getting great bang for your buck.

GRAFALIS, between Therapy and Fuel

If you’re looking for a place where your friendly server will remember both your regular order and your name, head to this small and casual coffee joint below the Agora stairs. You can pick up a variety of brekkie or lunch combos that are some of the cheapest and most delicious on campus, including some great artisanal sandwiches, delicious brekkie rolls, and of course, a great cuppa. If you grab a loyalty card, you can get your ninth coffee for free!

CAFFEINE, next to the Agora Food Court

Looking for a sizeable feed? Caffeine is your best bet. At this small store, cozy mood lighting creates a soft and welcoming atmosphere where you can grab a small coffee and arguably one of the best brekkie wraps on campus for $6.50, and the best thing, it’s got a hash brown in it.

BACHELOR OF COFFEE, next to Charlie’s Kebabs

Located in the far corner of the Agora, some students regard Bachelor of Coffee as having the best tasting coffee on campus. At this bright and welcoming location, you can grab your specialty iced coffee and a pretty decently sized donut, which always hits the spot. For lunch, make sure you try the crispy chicken burger, which for $5, is damn great. (This hasn’t been confirmed, but we are almost positive that the chicken is crumbed with doritos!)

VELOCIS, above the Co-op

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Ag? Head upstairs to Velocis and take a look at one of the biggest varieties of drinks, snacks, hot food and coffee available on campus. With a diner aesthetic, Velocis can take you away from the loudness of the Ag, and give you a bit more privacy in this large and open area.


You’ve been studying in the library for 5 hours and need to refill your body with sweet sweet caffeine. Downstairs, Writer’s Block provides a warm and comfy atmosphere and a delicious cup of coffee to make your early morning study sesh a little bit more tolerable. If you ever have a meeting with a study group or a tutor, or maybe just want to try some smashed avo on toast, head to Writer’s Block to satisfy your boujee cravings.

HOUSE OF CARDS, Thomas Cherry Building

Looking to buy a nice coffee, but also save the world? House of Cards distinguishes itself from the crowd by giving a random card to every person who purchases an item at their shop. As you recieve your coffee order, chuck your card into the slot of one of four charities beside the store and a percentage of the companies profits will donated to the most popular of these causes.

But let’s listen to the public. What are their typical orders? When they have to get to a 9am Law lecture, how do they energise themselves for the day to come? Rabelais hit the Ag and asked some students their daily brekkie choices.

“On a morning when I have just woken up and rolled out of bed, feeling very groggy and barely able to process words, it always keeps me wondering how I can manage to drive to Uni without running red lights or destroying my car. The first thing I do after spending far too long looking for a parking spot is head down to Grafali’s in the Ag, and order myself a large cappuccino with one sugar, and a breakfast wrap with extra relish. The best part of the wrap is the delicious tomato chutney so I highly recommend getting it with extra sweet tomatoey goodness, otherwise you’re not getting the best flavour experience from your meal.”

Alex, 20, Archaeology

“Mornings suck. The only things that make them better are coffee, and even better, a coffee from my favourite joint, Bake n Bean. For $5, I can get a ham, cheese and tomato croissant, and a regular flat white, which in my opinion will be the best brekkie order one can buy. Not only coz i’m broke and can barely afford to drive to uni, but also because the quality is just as good as the price!”

Jarrod, 24, Law

“Alright guys. When I’m trying to get a decent brekky at La Trobe, I’m gonna hit up my boy Hemal at Caffeine, and picking up a small cappuccino and a large brekky wrap for $6.50, coz hands down, this wrap is the best one you can get on campus (contro opinion, yes). Scrambled Eggs, Hash Brown, Bacon, Egg and Chutney are just such a sweet combo, and I can’t start my day without them.”

Jack, 20, Education

“As I’m getting off the bus and walking into Uni, House of Cards stands out as my go to place for a decent feed before you start your daily classes. I know this won’t be your typical brekkie order, but a chicken parma jaffle and a small coffee always hit the spot and get me ready for my day. The service is always pretty good, so if you’re down for a nice feed to start yourself off, head over here.”

Jordan, 30, Health Sciences

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