Avengers: Endgame is an ending worthy of the 10-year build-up starting with Ironman in 2008. The movie has had a large amount of hype around it. It’s recommended you see at least Infinity War because as well as being a good film, it sets up the stakes and Thanos as a villain. 

Going into the film with as little knowledge of the plot is recommended as the mystery of its plot is something played on. Being a sequel, it picks up straight after the events of Infinity War. With the fallout of Thanos’s victory, The Avengers attempt to undo the damage done.

It can be daunting with the movie’s runtime being three hours long, but its pacing is thought out well enough to keep it interesting. The first two-thirds lack big action sequences and instead focus on character interaction and development. Focusing a lot on its less fleshed out characters, in particular, Hawkeye and Nebula. The acting is excellent, and everyone sells the nature of the situation they’re in. Thanos in the movie feels shallow coming from how well Infinity War set him up but he is much less the focus in relation to the heroes.

It delivers on the emotional moments expected from the movie brilliantly well. Completing character arcs set up ten years ago can make it hard to not feel at least a bit emotional, even with the context of just Infinity War and Endgame. While trying it’s best, the movie does have the issue of not having enough time to dwell on some of the bigger emotional moments. 

The humour is standard for any Marvel movie so almost all jokes land well, some a lot better than others. For the bleak setting of the movie, it keeps its tone surprisingly light.

It offers heavy fan service to fans with knowledge of the entire series. This isn’t a bad thing and even for people who have only seen some of the movies can enjoy these callbacks. Once it gets into the last third it ramps up into the expected final battle.

The cinematography is impressive and has many memorable scenes that will stick with you after the movie ends. The final battle can be hard to follow in its chaos but becomes easier as it goes on. The music does a fantastic job of elevating emotional and important scenes. While heavy in its uses of CGI, it all looks fantastic and is a big draw to see it on the big screen.

The ending creates a lot of questions and theories for the future of the MCU, creating more anticipation for Spider-man: Far from Home, which is confirmed to be the official end of Phase 3 Marvel. 

The movie is impressive in the feat of being able to deliver on ten years’ worth of anticipation and expectations surprisingly well. No matter your level of investment in the series, it is worth experiencing Endgame in the cinema as the satisfying end to this story and this period in cinema. 

5/5 Hulk Dabs

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