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About Us

Since its founding in 1967, Rabelais has been the only student publication for La Trobe University. Rabelais is distributed for free and circulated throughout La Trobe’s six campuses, reaching 33,000 students in Victoria, with twenty different distribution points across the Bundoora campus alone.

The students of La Trobe always create Rabelais autonomously; this helps to produce purely audience driven content. Using a team of creative students allows the vibrantly published material to always be relevant and exciting to a student population with diverse views and backgrounds.


Rabelais 2018: Meet the team

The new faces of Rabelais.


Lois Villar is a little girl from the Philippines, currently in her final year of a Bachelor of in International Relations.

Before moving to Australia, she studied as a Creative Writing major at the Philippine High School for the Arts, where she focused on playwriting, creative nonfiction, and journalism, spending four years as the editor of the school newspaper, Variations. While finishing high school, Lois had published a book in Filipino, “Mama and Other Plays,” one of which was staged at the annual Virgin LabFest: Untried, Untested, Unstaged Plays at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Since starting her degree at La Trobe University, Lois has been involved in various clubs, including A Look Into African Society (ALIAS), and the La Trobe International Relations Association (LIRA). This started her involvement with the La Trobe Student Union, where she has devoted her time in between classes volunteering and helping out in providing student services.

When she’s not at her wits’ end in the Rabelais office with the Rabelais team, she’s either at home in bed with Netflix, or hitting some sick beats on the dance floor. Honestly though, she’s not as cool as she really wants to be.


Abood Shehada is a third year Bachelor of Accounting student at La Trobe University.


Kristen Settinelli is a postgraduate student at La Trobe University completing a Graduate Certificate in Journalism Innovation.

Kristen Settinelli is a freelance journalist, writer and featured as the host of Channel 31’s Smith Street 86: Season 2. Pursuing her career as a freelance journalist, she has worked with major publications The AU Review, Punkee (previously known as TheVine.com.au), Upstart and UniPollWatch.

Whilst completing her undergraduate studies, Kristen was a presenter of the live web series The Eagle Report & The 11th Hour, also producing and directing her own stories. She also is the current President of the Journalism, Media, Arts and Communication Society (JMAC) at La Trobe University, after previously holding the position as Events Manager.

Kristen is a communications coordinator at the Melbourne WebFest and currently works as a social media coordinator for Pandora Jewellery. She also has experience in acting, featuring in 2 student made short films and Taylor Garton’s EVICTED.

Outside of her background in the media and communication industry, Kristen is a events photographer and has experience in customer service and retail.

Twitter: @whoiskrispy


Tynique Dimcevska is a charismatic communicator and creator.

You can find Tynique lounging around campus on the grass with a pen and paper in hand, acting cool, calm and collected even when life is upside down. She also owns the largest collection of, her trade mark, pom-pom earrings which you can’t miss!

Currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Media and Communications, Tynique grasps any opportunity that allows her to work closely with a group of people and create something beautiful. Her passion for creativity shines in every aspect of what she does, incorporating a mixed bag of skills from public relations, graphic design, spirituality, photography, directing and modern Eastern-European attitude. 
Twitter: @TyniqueDimcevska


Sarah is a third year student, currently studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications majoring in Journalism.

Sarah is the Secretary and Vice President of the Debating Society and Media Club on campus at La Trobe University. She has worked in community broadcast all around Melbourne such as Channel 31, SYN Media, JOY 94.9 and here on La Trobe Live! Catch her running around campus, as she is a very enthusiastic, talkative character.


Tianna moved to Melbourne from Colorado, USA to pursue her studies at La Trobe University.

She’s currently in her fifth and final year studying a Bachelor of Laws and Arts, majoring in Law and English.  Besides being Director of Editing, she volunteers weekly at an elderly home, and is the Co-President of She’s the First – a not-for-profit organization at uni that sponsors girls’ education in low-income countries. She is a lover of poetry, country music, long walks on the beach, nature, animals, and people.


Jessica is a Bachelor of Media and Communication (Journalism) graduate.

Jessica, known as Jess, moved from the bush to facilitate her studies at La Trobe. Having been part of the LTU Journalism, Media, Arts and Communication Society executive board last year, Jess felt that Rabelais was the next logical step – and is proud to be the Director of editing this year. In her free time, Jess enjoys reading and writing and runs her own business as a freelance journalist/media all-rounder. She also loves animals, V8 Supercars and anything that contains caffeine.


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