Since its founding in 1967, Rabelais has been the only student publication for La Trobe University. Rabelais is distributed for free and circulated throughout La Trobe’s six campuses, reaching 33,000 students in Victoria, with twenty different distribution points across the Bundoora campus alone, Rabelais magazine offers direct and quality consumer contact for your brand.

The students of La Trobe always create Rabelais autonomously; this helps to produce purely audience driven content. Using a team of creative students allows the vibrantly published material to always be relevant and exciting to a student population with diverse views and backgrounds.

In addition to the print magazine, which involves 2000-2500 copies of each edition being released eight times per year across two semesters, Rabelais maintains an active web presence through its website and social media which allows us to remain connected to students even when they’re off campus.

Key statistics in print
- Direct access to a student population of approx 33,000.
- Access to the undergraduate and postgraduate student market.
- Reader age between 18 and 25yr olds, allows advertisers to hone in on a key consumer demographic.
- Every Rabelais edition release supported by marketing materials and e-blasts to students and staff.
- Rabelais is the only student magazine to service six campuses across the Victoria with a unique position to access youth market in the city, suburbs and rural Victoria.


Key statistics online
- La Trobe Student Union (LTSU) website had 114,000 hits in 2017, including 80,000 unique visitors.
- The LTSU also releases an online newspaper twice a week during semesters that reaches over 10,000 subscribers.

Advertisements on the LTSU website and the official website of Rabelais are available in the E-Advertisement package. 

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