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  • Aurora Internship

    I like to joke that I ‘bloomed late,’ starting University at the tender age of 30. For the first year I was in awe of the fact that I was finally here at university. I was doing it! I had almost forgotten that there were a million other opportunities available to me, so when my […]

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  • Chronically Fed-Up

    Dear Student Body, My friends think I don’t want to see them anymore. My parents think I’ve disowned them. And if I fail this last semester, it is definitely not my fault. I swear! Okay, so I may have clocked enough hours on Netflix to make it send me multiple “Are you still alive?” prompts, […]

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  • Two Years Lonely

    I haven’t had a job in over two years. Well, I had a job, poor excuses for one really, but I looked after my study, you see? I came to the game late, so I wanted to make sure I did this uni thing right. But look what happened? Younger kids with more experience are […]

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  • Humpty Dumpty

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the edge Philosophised and scratched his head, What came first the egg or the chicken?… He saw his mother in the henhouse, pickin’. He thought the answer to the question, concrete. Then from within his shell he heard, cheep cheep! He felt his shell begin to crack. Little feet kicked through […]

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  • Chasing Kat

    “You can’t win… Not against me.” “We’ll see about that.” Kat had been on the run for six weeks and I finally had her right where I wanted her. This was my time to prove to the force that I was capable of getting the job done. I was going to arrest her and return […]

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  • Respect

    Respect is a two way street but in order to recieve it, you must be willing to give it People are people LGBTQ people are people Black people are people Immigrants are people Muslims are people Disabled people are people Don’t discriminate Don’t be racist Don’t be prejudicial Be nice to everyone. Your kindness may […]