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  • Australia’s Take on LGBT

    The wave of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community first crested in The Netherlands in December of 2000. Since then one country after the other followed in legalising same sex marriages and adoption for same sex couples. This encouraged numerous people from all around the world to express their opinions on various platforms. There […]

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  • LGBTI Dance Club

    Once a month the Fitzroy Town Hall throws opens its doors to Elders from the LGTBI community. The activity of choice, dancing. Don’t stress if dancing isn’t your forte, you aren’t alone, luckily it isn’t a prerequisite. With wheelchair accessibility and refreshments supplied the night is open to anyone. And that’s the point. It’s an […]

  • Hear Me Out
  • Hello, Readers

    It is I Ricky again, and on this fine or horrible looking day (depending when you are reading this.) I would like to do an imagination exercise, so readers close your eyes and… never mind, just think you are closing your eyes… ok now imagine you’re at ‘Subway’ and the person in front of you […]

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  • On Being a Queer Punk: Then And Now

    I sing in the BallBusters, a queer doom sludge punk band. My experience of being queer and involved in the punk scene at different points in my life are intertwined. In my tweens, I was lonely little urchin. However, behind the polyester veil of suburban boredom, two things were happening for me: I was listening […]

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  • Adiel Eastern

    Adiel sits in a chair. He’s about 6’1” – 6”2. He has jet black hair and green eyes, he’s good looking. He’s in his late 50’s – early 60’s. ADIEL: There was a lot of screaming and crying when that letter came, the one telling me I’d been conscripted. I went because, in a way, […]