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    Being a mother is a wonderful job. I want to congratulate every mother, including myself, who are successfully handling this responsibility. I want to thank my husband, too, for taking on that role in my absence. When I came to Melbourne to do my Master’s degree, I realised that staying away from my 3-year-old daughter […]

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    “Change pen colour for each new topic,” says Nina. “Your notes become colour-coded to help you visually separate and recall the details of one topic from another. 1. Preview for the big picture Review your notes for a minute or so, skimming through the manageable chunk you’ve chosen to pick up the gist and flow […]

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  • Chronically Fed-Up

    Dear Student Body, My friends think I don’t want to see them anymore. My parents think I’ve disowned them. And if I fail this last semester, it is definitely not my fault. I swear! Okay, so I may have clocked enough hours on Netflix to make it send me multiple “Are you still alive?” prompts, […]

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  • Two Years Lonely

    I haven’t had a job in over two years. Well, I had a job, poor excuses for one really, but I looked after my study, you see? I came to the game late, so I wanted to make sure I did this uni thing right. But look what happened? Younger kids with more experience are […]

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  • Humpty Dumpty

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the edge Philosophised and scratched his head, What came first the egg or the chicken?… He saw his mother in the henhouse, pickin’. He thought the answer to the question, concrete. Then from within his shell he heard, cheep cheep! He felt his shell begin to crack. Little feet kicked through […]